Pro T-SQL 2019 / Профессиональный T-SQL 2019

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Design and write simple and efficient T-SQL code in SQL Server 2019 and beyond. Writing T-SQL that pulls back correct results can be challenging. This book provides the help you need in writing T-SQL that performs fast and is easy to maintain. You also will learn how to implement version control, testing, and deployment strategies.
Hands-on examples show modern T-SQL practices and provide straightforward explanations. Attention is given to selecting the right data types and objects when designing T-SQL solutions. Author Elizabeth Noble teaches you how to improve your T-SQL performance through good design practices that benefit programmers and ultimately the users of the applications. You will know the common pitfalls of writing T-SQL and how to avoid those pitfalls going forward.What You Will Learn
Choose correct data types and database objects when designing T-SQL
Write T-SQL that searches data efficiently and uses hardware effectively
Implement source control and testing methods to streamline the deployment process
Design T-SQL that can be enhanced or modified with less effort
Plan for long-term data management and storage

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