Demystified Object-Oriented Programming with C++ / Проясняя Объектно-ориентированное программирование на C++

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While object-oriented software design helps you write more easily maintainable code, companies choose C++ as an OO language for its speed. Object-oriented programming (OOP) in C++ is not automatic – understanding OO concepts and how they map to C++ language features as well as OOP techniques is crucial. You must also know how to distinguish your code by utilizing well-tested, creative solutions, which can be found in popular design patterns. This book will help you to harness OOP in C++ for writing better code.Starting with the essential C++ features that serve as building blocks for the main chapters, this book explains fundamental object-oriented concepts and shows you how to implement them in C++. With the help of practical code examples and diagrams, you’ll find out how and why things work. The book’s coverage furthers your C++ repertoire by including templates, exceptions, operator overloading, STL, and OO component testing. You’ll also discover popular design patterns with in-depth examples and how to use them as effective programming solutions to recurring OOP problems.By the end of this book, you’ll be able to employ essential and advanced OOP concepts confidently to create enduring and robust software.What you will learn
Get to grips with the building blocks needed to learn essential OOP features in C++
Implement OO designs using both C++ language features and proven programming techniques
Understand how well designed, encapsulated code helps make more easily maintainable software
Write robust C++ code that can handle programming exceptions
Design extensible and generic code using templates
Apply operator overloading, utilize STL, and perform OO component testing
Examine popular design patterns to provide creative solutions for typical OO problemsWho This Book Is For
If you are a professional programmer or a college student looking to use C++ as an OOP language to create robust and easily maintainable code, this detailed guide is for you. Programmers who want to master the implementation of OO designs with language features or programming techniques will find the book useful. This OOP book will help you to enhance your skillset by showing you how to apply popular design patterns to solve recurring types of OO problems.

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