Python for Microcontrollers: Getting Started with MicroPython

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Program Your Own MicroPython projects with ease―no prior programming experience necessary!
This DIY guide provides a practical introduction to microcontroller programming with MicroPython. Written by an experienced electronics hobbyist, Python for Microcontrollers: Getting Started with MicroPython features eight start-to-finish projects that clearly demonstrate each technique. You will learn how to use sensors, store data, control motors and other devices, and work with expansion boards. From there, you’ll discover how to design, build, and program all kinds of entertaining and practical projects of your own.● Learn MicroPython and object-oriented programming basics
● Explore the powerful features of the Pyboard, ESP8266, and WiPy
● Interface with a PC and load files, programs, and modules
● Work with the LEDs, timers, and converters
● Control external devices using serial interfaces and PWM
● Build and program a let ball detector using the 3-axis accelerometer
● Install and program LCD and touchsensor expansion boards
● Record and play sounds using the AMP audio board

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