The Art of Modern PHP 8

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With the release of PHP 8, and the upcoming (at the time of writing) release of PHP 8.1,
we can really see a bright future for PHP.
You will first read about object-oriented programming (OOP) in PHP, starting with
the basics and then going on to more advanced topics. You will work through modern
programming techniques, such as inheritance, contrasting this with composition, and
finally looking at more advanced language features. You will learn about the MVC
pattern by building your own toy MVC system. In addition to this, you'll explore what a
dependency injection (DI) container does by building a toy DI container. Later chapters
will give you an overview of Composer and will explain how to create reusable PHP
packages with it. You'll also find techniques to deploy these packages effectively so that
other developers can use them.
By the end of this PHP book, you will have gained a rounded understanding of some of
the fundamentals of modern PHP and will have the grounding you need to be able to
update your code.

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