Using jQuery for skipp reCAPCHA in Katalon Studio [закрыт]

Our team starts to use reCAPCHA on website and developers made one way to skip this reCAPCHA when my test cases is running. In this way I need to use jQuery code. When I use this code via console in Chrome DevTools reCAPCHA skipped but I don’t understand how to use this code when I start my cases in Katalon Studio. jQuery code:

$(".login-form-body").append("<input type="hidden" id="skey_" name="skey_" value="KEY"/>")

Can anyone help me with whis case?

Источник: https://ru.stackoverflow.com/questions/1307428/using-jquery-for-skipp-recapcha-in-katalon-studio

Тебе может это понравится...

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